Not the netting!

Flying foxes are intelligent and remarkable. These unique animals help regenerate our forests and keep ecosystems healthy through pollination and seed dispersal. Many other species of plants and animals rely upon them for their survival and wellbeing. Flying foxes, like bees, help drive biodiversity, and faced with the threat of […]

Ants in the ecosystem

Next time you accidentally stand on a line of foraging meat ants, take a moment after you have jumped, slapped and scratched to consider how helpful they are!…yes, really! Our Aussie meat ants (Iridomyrmex purpureus) don’t live anywhere else on the planet, and they do us a great service. Likewise […]

NSW Biodiversity reforms

NSW Biodiversity reforms Significant changes in legislation and policy which effect Biodiversity and land-clearing have been brought in by the NSW government. There are new Regulations and Codes which accompany the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Local Land Services Amendment ACT 2016. In summary, the new legislation, regulations and codes […]

Celebrate Biodiversity

You are invited – Celebrate International Biodiversity Day at Adams Lead Reserve with ‘Friends’. International Biodiversity Day is on Tuesday 22nd May. All are welcome to join us for a Picnic Lunch/BBQ followed by a Walk and Talk to see “Biodiversity in Action” in the reserve. Head to Goolma Road, […]