Why protest?

From: Climate Change Protests Australia ‘Climate Change Protests’ is a national index of climate change protests occurring across Australia. This website lists events but has no involvement in the running or co-ordination of any of them. Peaceful protests and nonviolent resistance are important parts of any functioning democracy. They have […]

Korean Government-backed KEPCO is taking the only appeal path available to recover $750m Bylong mine investment

Written by Joanne McCarthy Published in Newcastle Herald December 18, 2019. Read online: https://www.newcastleherald.com.au/story/6547840/korean-energy-company-kepco-seeks-judicial-review-of-landmark-bylong-coal-mine-refusal/ A KOREAN Government-backed energy company that paid the NSW Government more than $400 million for a Bylong coal mining licence in 2010 has sought a judicial review after the mine was refused in September. KEPCO applied […]