The Drip A Study of Visitor Attitudes

To ascertain community sentiment on visitor attitudes to The Drip gorge,  MDEG  conducted a study interviewing members of the public who were visiting to The Drip as a stakeholder group in February 2022. These people have experienced and witnessed The Drip, have no vested interests and are able to appreciate the merit or otherwise of the area. A total of 531 responses were collected, 436 from interviewing visitors at The Drip over 5 days (Australia Day and 2 weekends) plus 95 comments received from the online version of the survey between Australia Day 26 January and 13 February 2022). The majority of people interviewed at the Drip were visitors to our region.
The findings were unanimous. Visitors to the Drip made a clear, concise, and decisive response.

  1.  99% of respondents stated that The Drip has significant environmental, recreational
    and/ or conservation value.
  2.  98% of respondents stated that The Drip should be protected by the NSW Government
    from the threats of underground coal mining
  3.  98% stated that The Drip should be listed as an Asset of Intergenerational Significance
    for its protection, and for the use and enjoyment of future generations, and
  4. That the conservation value of The Drip and Goulburn River outweighed the perceived
    benefits of underground coal mining. This included both in reference to the effects on the
    groundwater table (91% against mining), and reduced access to the walking track for
    recreational value threatened by subsidence (90% against mining).

For more information see attached report