Mudgee District Environment Group

The Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG) is based in the Mid-Western Region local government area of NSW, within the central tablelands on the Great Dividing Range.

MDEG began meeting in 1989 to highlight global issues like climate change, deforestation and recycling under the theme ‘think globally, act locally’. Our activities have included membership of Council committees, taking part in biodiversity surveys, bush regeneration, tree planting, public meetings, information stalls and supporting national and state environmental campaigns. More recently we’ve focused on the environmental and social impacts of expanding coal mines and the need to protect areas like The Great Dripping Wall from subsidence from adjacent mines. MDEG’s current focus is on promoting renewable energy. Read more about MDEG.

We welcome new members to join in our current activities aiming specifically to make Mudgee more sustainable.  Our members perform a wide range of activities so no matter what your experience is there will be some way you can contribute. If you are interested in joining please see our membership page.

Our Focus

The Mudgee District Environment Group performs a range of activities in the region. These activities are based on its aims an fall under the following special focus areas:

  • Biodiversity  - Ecology, threatened species survival, bush regeneration.
  • Energy - Renewable energy and energy efficiency in households, business, industry and the community.
  • Mining - Mining impacts, proposals and policies, best practice, contribution to global warming.
  • Water - Water use and efficiency in households, business, industry and the community.
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Latest News

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Ed Hawkins knows a thing or two about the impact of colour and what we think and feel when we see different colours. He uses colour to communicate. So, is Ed Hawkins an artist?…or a designer? NO –  Ed is a U.K. Climate scientist. In 2018, Ed developed a ‘warming […]

In Praise of the Very Small

‘Bacteria in the ocean produce 50% of the world’s oxygen. If you thought trees were important – yeah, they are, but they are only half the story. Without microbial photosynthesis in the ocean, you don’t have enough oxygen on the planet to breathe’, says US microbial ecologist Jack Gilbert. Most […]

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The worst part of being a plant is that if you don’t like the place where you were born, you can’t pick up and move. With roots firmly anchored in the ground, a plant is stuck in one location for life, which may be less than a year but could […]

Our Partners

The Mudgee District Environment Group works with, and supports, a variety of organisations which share similar aims and goals. 

Rylstone District Environment Society

Bylong Valley Protection Alliance