Members of Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG) are passionate about The Drip. We want to protect this beautiful location and lately we have been sharing our concerns with many others.

On Sunday 4th February, a beautiful cool morning, over 45 intrepid travellers with Lock the Gate Bus Tour and MDEG members gathered in The Drip picnic area. After hearing from Julie Imrie and Phyllis Setchell about the latest impacts and future concerns it was off to see the Great Dripping Wall itself. It was very encouraging for us to see how many enthusiastically signed our petition. The petition is asking the government to protect the groundwater sources that actually create The Drip. See for more.

A team of MDEG members worked diligently from 7.30am to 4pm at Gulgong Show on February 17th in hot, dry, dusty and noisy conditions. The results were worth the effort. Many more names were added to the petition; Flyers and Fact Sheets taken; Raffle tickets sold and lots of interesting conversations were enjoyed.

Andrew Gee the Nationals MP, who helped us in the 2014 campaign in our efforts to have The Drip included in the National Park, was the official guest at the Show. We took the opportunity to invite him to come over to our display which he did. He agreed with us in our concerns that the National Park only covered a small area and that the land still owned by Moolarben is planned to be a State Conservation Area with the strong possibility of the tunnels to still go ahead. He has agreed meet with MDEG members at The Drip in March.

The residents of the Rylstone area added more names to the petition when MDEG members talked with them at the Show last weekend. Many folk were interested in the display, asked questions and shared their stories of visiting The Drip. It is loved by all!