Mudgee District Environment Group is launching the Mudgee Coal Alert campaign
today to notify the community and decision-makers about plans to continue expanding coal
production in the Mudgee Region beyond the 2030s.

The three large multinational corporations operating in the Mudgee area: Glencore, Yancoal and
Peabody Energy all have expansion plans at their local mines. The three operations currently
have approval to produce up to 58 million tonnes of coal per year between them until 2038 with
licenses to extract over 65 million litres of groundwater per day.

Rosemary Hadaway, Chair of MDEG:
‘The world’s top energy body, the International Energy Agency, has repeatedly advised that “no
new coalmines or mine extensions” can be approved if we want to keep global heating to 1.5

‘We are rapidly nearing that increase in global temperature and already suffering extreme
drought, bush fire, and floods with harsh environmental, community and economic
consequences. Current record-breaking temperatures in Europe, China and the United States
are a stark reminder of the dangers of a warming climate. The predicted upcoming El Nino
drought and severe bushfire season for Australia is alarming.

‘It is dangerous and irresponsible for the coal industry and policy decision-makers to continue to
support the expansion of coal production in the Mudgee Region. We are calling on the NSW
Premier to step up and take the necessary action to protect a safe climate.

‘The three mines: Ulan, Moolarben and Wilpinjong have wrought havoc on the local
environment, on local ecosystems, from Munghorn Gap to the Goulburn River and on the local
communities depopulating the area from Ulan to Wollar.

‘The cumulative impact of large-scale mining is not being managed through approval conditions
and any further expansion of these large operations is unconscionable: economically, socially,
and environmentally.

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