CWO REZ Grid Transmission – as at April 2022

Good news!

The revised EnergyCo study corridor avoids Hands on Rock and the vegetation along Ulan Road.

Congratulations and well done to MDEG hard-working member Amanda and all involved in the survey and report writing! Our report claiming that there was no social licence to clear remnant bushland along the road and adjacent to the Rock was circulated widely within government and Tilt shareholders (owners of Liverpool Range Wind Farm).

The grid corridor has moved, however Tilt still have an approval to use the Ulan Road corridor. They are unable to revise their connection point to the grid (and usage of the Ulan Road corridor) until a final grid location is decided.

The impact of the expansion of the section of the grid from Wollar to Ulan cannot be assessed at this stage, as the nature of the towers and the width of the corridor easement is unknown. It could end up as 3 adjacent easements.