Don’t damn the Wambuul-Macquarie!

The NSW Government is planning to build a massive new dam in the river at Gin Gin calling it a re-regulating weir. The gates would be 8.5m high or 2.5 storeys, and would back the river up for 32km.

According to Healthy Rivers Dubbo: 

The purpose of the dam is to give WaterNSW more control over the river, so that even more water can be pumped out. There are too many straws in the glass now!

This dam will destroy:

  • Cultural heritage sites
  • 32km of River Red Gums and river vegetation
  • Breeding habitat for struggling native fish
  • A popular camping and fishing site

There will be less:

  • Water for the vulnerable Macquarie Marshes
  • Habitat for migratory and water birds
  • Opportunity for recreational fishers visiting the valley
  • Downstream floodplain grazing and unregulated irrigation
  • Water for towns like Warren, Carinda, and Brewarinna
  • Water for the Barwon Darling-Baaka rivers which are already stressed.

Missed the public meeting? Listen and watch now: GinGinWeirTownHallJune2021V2 – YouTube


Introduction (Mel Gray, facilitator) start to 7.30

Tony Lees (Trangie) 7.30 to 12.55

Professor Richard Kingsford (UNSW Centre for Ecosystem Science) 13.18 to 36.14

Garry Hall (Private Ramsar Wetland Manager) 36.30 to 49.20

Bev Smiles (President Inland Rivers Network) 49.40 to 106.35

Question and Answer session 107 to end

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