The NCC Regional Conference was held on Saturday 22nd May at Batemans Bay.

“The Nature Conservation Council (NCC) is a movement of passionate people who want nature in NSW to thrive. The Council represents more than 150 organisations and thousands of people who share this vision.

Together, this makes a powerful voice for nature.”


MDEG representatives joined the Regional Conference via Zoom.

Member groups and individuals from the South Coast presented a stimulating array of activities and comments. Highlights included:


  • Uncle Bunja Smith, a Yuin man, is concerned that cultural burning will be seen as a silver bullet – it isn’t. Burning was a land management tool that was used when a group left a locality, to ensure it would be ready for next time. This hasn’t been practised for 220 years. We are all on a learning curve and must journey together as we attempt to reinstate this strategy. There is a different ecology now, also fences and other assets are in the landscape.


  • Kelwyn White from the Rural Fire Service highlighted the planning that goes into a Local Government Bushfire Management Plan. All local authorities collaborate to list and map assets, priorities etc. The Plan outlines ‘who does what’ in a bushfire emergency. (Mid-Western Regional Council Disaster Plan is available here).


  • Hannah Etchells reported from the NCC Bushfire Conference. The Bushfire Recovery Project is studying the science of forests, fires, climate and management. The Project is a collaboration between The Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University, Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University, 2020 and the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative. Great reading in the Bushfire Recovery Reports – recommended!