I cannot engage such loss!

Supporters of The Drip recently gathered to celebrate the landmark and share their concerns about its future. https://www.facebook.com/savethedrip

The celebration ‘Sing Up The Power’ kicked off with a 4-hour concert at the historic Prince of Wales Opera House, Gulgong, where a Welcome to Country was given by Aleisha Lonsdale. The very genial Mick Fetch was MC and opened the music program with his daughter Evelyn. They soon had toes tapping and the atmosphere was set for an afternoon of emotion and fervour.

Clapsticks and stomping signalled the arrival of Milan Dhiiyaan (‘One Mob’), an Aboriginal cultural dance group led by Wiradjuri/Wailwaan songwoman Fleur Magick Dennis and Wailwaan/Yuin songman Laurance Magick Dennis. They are about all Aboriginal people growing stronger through keeping alive all cultural & spiritual practices, languages and diverse beliefs of all the diverse family groupings. Fleur spoke of the spiritual and sacred aspects of The Drip and its landscape to these groups. Significant sites are used for cultural and ceremonial purposes. They pleaded for coal mining to stop destroying their sacred sites!

Popular duo Euripi (Emily and Glenn Van Reason) wrote songs especially for the celebration. The acknowledged the beauty of The Drip and the sense of place it inspires.

Kevin Pye was eloquent reading his own poetic tribute to The Drip…’A secret place, A Paradise, where sunlight filters in…This pristine piece of wilderness with its lichens, ferns and moss Is threatened by the miners and I cannot engage such loss.’

Witches Leap led by Paddy Connor wowed the audience with uilleann pipes, wooden flute and bouzouki, while Luke O’Shea took as on another emotional ride with his poignant country melodies. It was a great afternoon of passion set to music!

All performers donated their time to benefit the fund-raising endeavours to save The Drip. Robbin Binks supported the cause by offering her CD for sale and all proceeds were donated to The Drip campaign. Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG) is very appreciative of the support of all these fabulous, talented and committed people. Thank you!

Monies raised are used for campaign costs such as printing, and professional reports. Download our Fact Sheets https://mdeg.org.au/ and get the latest info by joining our email list contact@mdeg.org.au