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What’s happening with coal in NSW?

The latest scientific reports on climate change have spurred the United Nations to formally call for a rapid phase out of coal.  Yet, the NSW Government is currently conducting a consultation to issue new coal exploration licences.  The area it is looking at near Rylstone is calculated to contain 910 million tonnes of coal.

However, there is some good news. Over the last decade we’ve seen a string of new coal mines rejected by the planning system, or withdrawing after sustained community opposition.  Caroona, Shenhua, Bylong, Rocky Hill, Hume Coal, and other mine proposals are now history.

Casting a shadow on this good news is the approval of massive expansions to existing coal mines that have been approved virtually under the radar.

In this episode we discuss the trajectory of coal in NSW and talk to activists and campaigners working to stop the latest coal licences from being issued.

On the panel:

Janet Walk – Rylstone Region Coal Free Community Group

Craig Shaw – anti-coal activist

Nic Clyde – Lock the Gate

Craig Shaw lists 3 significant learnings from his campaign experience: 1. Slow the project down (not obstructionist), but make sure process is always followed – the proponent must be kept to account, and do it properly; 2. Network widely, and work together; 3. Local groups are needed to address local issues. Great insights!

The podcast was conceived during lockdown when we missed our ability to chat by the proverbial water cooler with our co-workers and other local environmentalists. Over zoom, we enjoyed catching up and learning more from experts and environmentalists from all around the state. At the start of 2021 we were excited to come back into the office and meet our guests in real life! After a few glorious months, we were thrown back online – but nonetheless have been thoroughly enjoying taking these deep dives into environmental issues online. 

We have covered a variety of issues on the podcast, including the ongoing mouse plague in Regional NSW, new proposal plans for Kosciuszko national park, and the bushfire crisis, with inspirational people from all over the state. 

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