The words may seem complex but the idea is simple…

‘The Australian Local Power Agency (ALPA) Bill has been proposed to create a new agency that supports community-led energy projects and helps boost local ownership and economic development in regional areas. The Bill is currently being reviewed by a parliamentary committee and we need as many people as possible to make submissions in support of community-led power.’ Source

Solar Citizens suggest the following talking points:

  • Renewable energy will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years to replace gas and coal, and most developments are happening in regional areas.
  • The Australian Local Power Agency Bill will make sure these communities aren’t left behind and can reap the benefits of community-led renewable projects, including:
    • Huge economic boost for regional areas.
    • Unlocking the benefits of clean energy for more people, like renters and apartment-dwellers.
    • More support for renewable energy projects where communities are given the opportunity to invest in or own wind and solar projects in their area.
  • Empowering communities to reduce and adapt to climate impacts and be more resilient to natural disasters.
  • The Government should support ALPA, and ensure it is appropriately funded and consults with First Nations peoples, local communities and the renewable energy industry to be fair and effective.


Action Network also has some talking points:

As investment in renewable energy continues to boom, there is a unique opportunity to deliver jobs, savings, income and self-determination to regional Australia.

We have to ensure that regional Australia, where the investment and build-out of renewable energy is happening, sees the long term benefits.

The Australian Local Power Agency (ALPA) Bill provides a blueprint to do this by proposing:

  • funding and technical support for everyday communities to develop their own small-scale renewable projects
    community energy hubs in regional cities across Australia so that there will always be someone to turn to to lend a hand
  • a new requirement that any large renewable energy project in Australia offers the local community a chance to co-invest in that project
  • The proposal sets up the ALPA as a sister agency to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to ensure a trio of supports working together for Australian communities and renewable energy.
  • It is currently being scrutinised by the Federal House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy. This Committee is accepting submissions until Friday 9th July and will make recommendations to Parliament, which could be crucial to the Bill passing.

We need to show that farmers, First Nations communities and regional people want a community-led renewable energy future.



Communities are already leading. Towns like Denmark in WA and Yackandandah in VIC are well on the way to harnessing renewable energy for their communities to revitalise their communities and become energy resilient.

The ALPA would support communities right across regional Australia to do this.

Let’s get on with it.

You can  make a submission via the Parliament website here.


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