What a busy, positive year has been concluded for Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG). The group has been highlighting global issues by working locally since 1989. Its latest AGM was held on Sunday 29th March using the on-line format GoToMeeting.

Chairperson Phyllis Setchell presented a report which included a detailed list of meetings and events the group had been involved with during the last year. The range of issues addressed illustrates the diversity of environmental challenges we are facing. There was a variety of actions undertaken, each suitable to the particular matter at hand.

Working bees at the beautiful Adams Lead Reserve, Gulgong, were a feature of the year. These gatherings not only conserve and protect a remnant box-gum grassy woodland, but also nurture friendship, fellowship, learning and appreciation of our unique land. Check out the controlled burn which occurred in July 2019: https://mdeg.org.au/2019/08/flaming-good-time-at-adams-lead/

MDEG folk engaged with a number of mine proposals in the district:

  • The proposed Lue lead mine is of great concern with potential lethal air and water pollution consequences. Learn more: http://lueactiongroup.org/. MDEG members attended meetings and protests.
  • Ulan and Moolarben mine modification projects kept members busy as submissions were written, petitions signed, and presentations made to the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) hearings. MDEG believe the modifications impact negatively on CO2 emissions, subsidence, Aboriginal heritage, and ground water – this last causing significant problems for the Goulburn River and The Drip.
  • The rejection by the IPC of KEPCO’s Bylong Valley project was initially met with relief. The battle continues however as KEPCO has challenged the decision, political lobbying and manoeuvring has taken off, and the Heritage landscape remains at risk.

Water management discussions were a feature of the year:

  • Members wrote submissions regarding the 4 Corners Basin Plan.
  • The Water Sharing Plan was assessed and members contributed to discussions.
  • Water security in the Macquarie Valley was addressed at meetings with MWRC regarding Windermere Dam releases and Cudgegong River flows.
  • MDEG supports the Dubbo Healthy Rivers initiative.

Transition to a low-carbon future is a thought-provoking, community-driven approach to economic change:

MDEG works with a number of like-minded organisations within the region and the State. Seeking climate change action is a common objective, and protests, letter-writing and network meetings are important ways of sharing information and skills.

We welcome new members to join in our current activities aiming specifically to make Mudgee more sustainable.  Our members perform a wide range of activities so no matter what your experience is there will be some way you can contribute. If you are interested in joining please see our membership page. Contact: 0427 920 887.