Healthy Rivers Dubbo (HRD) is a grass roots community group dedicated to providing a strong voice for our local rivers, aquifers and wetlands in the Murray – Darling Basin for the benefit of wildlife, plants and people.

Media Release
“A plan to build an enormous regulating weir on the Macquarie River at Gin Gin will mean a significant reduction in small and medium flows getting through to Warren and further downstream to the Marshes and Barwon Darling. The river from Warren was already sacrificed to water mismanagement last summer, it looks like Dugald Saunders National Party are willing to sacrifice it on a regular basis.”

“The river is not a magic pudding, it cannot make more water. All water in the Macquarie is allocated already, so any additional water this weir will make available must be coming from the environment”

“WaterNSW cannot be trusted not to break any promises they make to get this project built. Once a project is built (like the Macquarie to Orange pipeline), the rules can be changed with no further environmental assessment.

WaterNSW have been legally obliged to build three fishways in the Macquarie River since 2011 – and we’re still living on empty promises.”

“Is Dugald Saunders willing to allow over $50 million of NSW taxpayers money to be spent on a river destroying weir that’s only purpose is to increase the amount of water that can be extracted from the already over allocated Macquarie River, damaging the river downstream?”

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