The Mid-Western Region has a beautiful and diverse natural environment, with many hidden treasures and a landscape that opens the heart. Local musician Robbin Binks describes it well ‘Orange rays on sandstone cliffs, Trees form a bluey mist, Apple gums litter the ground, Dropping branches all around…Dust hangs on the valley floor, All this from my back door.’

Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG) members care deeply about this stunning district. MDEG is a member of the Nature Conservation Council (NCC) which represents over 150 organisations and thousands of passionate people who want nature to thrive in NSW.

In October 2018 NCC published a set of policies: ‘A Cleaner, Greener NSW’. See: If implemented by government these policies would safeguard and restore the NSW environment. We all rely on the natural world. It supplies our food and all of the resources we need to lead the lives we enjoy. We need clean water, clean air and a stable climate to sustain us and to sustain future generations.

First and foremost in the policies proposed is tackling climate change. Two important targets are: firstly, transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030, and secondly, achieving zero net carbon emissions by 2040. The first target is eminently achievable and detailed plans already exist. The engineering organisation ReNew has published an implementation plan to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030. The plan is based on recent research by the Australian National University (ANU). Free download:

The second target will be much more difficult to achieve. It would involve tackling emissions deriving from transport, manufacturing processes, building and construction, and agriculture. The only way we will have a hope of achieving zero net carbon emissions by 2040 is to start now!

Where does your preferred candidate stand on these issues?

At any election at any time, at any level of government, ask the candidates so that you can make an informed choice!!