Can you help us stop the magnificent Tarwyn Park heritage property and surrounding horse-breeding country and rich farmland being cut open for coal?

The spectacular and pristine Bylong Valley is under threat, and here are two ways you can help:

Late last year the NSW State Heritage Council recommended that Tarwyn Park in the Bylong Valley should be considered for heritage listing but the assessment of the heritage values of the site and the future of the beautiful Bylong Valley is now in the hands of the Planning Assessment Commission. They are holding a review of the proposed Bylong coal project in the far upper Hunter, and its our chance to let them know what we think about it. The impacts of this project on agricultural land, water and heritage are some of the worst ever seen for a coal mine proposal in this state.

Here’s why we think this mine is the worst of the worst:

  • It would open-cut Tarwyn Park, a heritage treasure and living laboratory for the Natural Sequence Farming method of regenerative agriculture.
  • It would destroy large areas that are part of the thoroughbred horse-breeding industry cluster and mapped strategic agricultural land.
  • It will dig open-cut pits on the floodplain alongside a productive alluvial aquifer which currently supports cropping, beef studs and millions of dollars worth of agricultural production.
  • It will lower the alluvial aquifer by over ten metres, and potentially destroy it forever.

Let’s show the Commission that we want sustainable agriculture for our rural communities, not short-term destructive mining.  And if you are in the Mudgee district in May, you can support our friends at the Bylong Valley Protection Alliance in person.  They have resolved to boycott the public hearing that the Commission is holding, because it will result in their legal rights to challenge the mine in court being removed.

Join us to protest outside the public hearing, in Mudgee on 11th May. There must be a limit to where mining can occur.  Destroying our best heritage, horse-breeding and farming country is a line that must not be crossed.