Dorothea Mackellar loved this country and shared her love in the iconic poem ‘My Country’…’A Stark white ring-barked forest, All tragic to the moon, The sapphire-misted mountains, The hot gold hush of noon.’

This challenging land and its many faces is beloved by us all. But how does that love translate to action? Responses vary and individuals act according to interests and skills.

Some folk get involved with hands-on bush care. They tenderly weed and restore remnant plant communities providing habitat for our unique creatures. Adams Lead at Gulgong is one such location. Its beautiful box-gum grassy woodland has interpretation signs to pass on information, encourage understanding, and engender a shared love of nature.

Regenerative agriculture provides our farmers with the tools to run productive enterprises while enriching the soil and holding water in the landscape. That’s a winning situation for humans, while also future-proofing and drought-proofing the land.

Maybe there is an opportunity to create a conservation covenant on your land? Actions around the permitted use of your land prevent the degradation of that locality, and can conserve significant bushland for the future.

Maybe you have an affinity for wildlife? Some folk nurse our wonderful wildlife back to health, and return that patient to its territory – a rewarding job well done!

A lot of conservation work involves spending time with the planning and regulatory documents of governments and councils. Meetings, letters, submissions, petitions – all are part and parcel of protecting ‘our sunburnt country, sweeping plains, and ragged mountain ranges’.

Attending protests is an age-old way of joining with like-minded others to raise awareness and achieve a common goal. Members of Mudgee District Environment Group (MDEG) regularly do this in support of climate change action and other urgent issues.

Our wide, brown land that we love, needs us all. We need to act, and take action to protect what we cherish.

MDEG members are involved in the full range of activities outlined above, and probably more! What a diverse, creative, dedicated bunch!