A previous mine approval condition required progressive expert review of underground mining impacts on this highly sensitive area. This condition has been drastically altered, and now delays reporting until after the extraction of coal from four critically located longwalls. This extraction comes within 200 metres of the bed of the Goulburn River.

The Department of Planning recent approval of  Moolarben Coal’s Modification 15 alters the mine’s existing conditions that had required a systematic independent expert review of mining impacts on the sensitive groundwater system associated with the Goulburn River and The Drip. This review was intended to assist in the early detection of mining impacts from long wall mining before irreversible impacts occurred.  Impacts from mine subsidence and groundwater depressurisation (dewatering) risks loss of river base flows, the interception of aquifers feeding groundwater dependent ecosystems along the riparian corridor and increases the threat of cliff instability and damage to cultural heritage including rock shelters and artwork.

There has been was no community consultation or overview of this significant change to the Approval Conditions for Moolarben Coal’s Stage Underground 4 mine.

There is no stated requirement for open and transparent public scrutiny of the review or completed report.

You can register your opposition online to the NSW Governments unacceptable weakening of protection for this magnificent reach of the Goulburn River with its significant and irreplaceable cultural, spiritual, historical, educational, tourist and recreational values.




Link to Planning Approval for more information